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I am a #DigitalTransformaker in a company that values diversity

Disability discrimination

Since 2007 Devoteam has been committed to a policy that aids diversity and the employment of disabled workers. We signed a second group agreement in 2015, which contains 18 commitments to occupational integration of disabled people.


Stronger objectives

Devoteam is committed to go beyond recruitment issues and to develop various action plans, including:

  • organising awareness activities and training for employees;
  • supporting disabled employees anonymously and individually;
  • stepping up the efforts to keep disabled workers in the workforce and improve their working conditions with the help of training programmes and career path management;
  • developing partnerships with companies in the protected and adapted sector.



We are always looking to increase female representation on our teams. We are also working to improve women’s access to leadership through training and promotion. We understand that it’s a challenge, especially in IT, but our efforts are paying off by the day.


National origin discrimination

Much progress has been made globally in the fight against national origin discrimination during the hiring process. At Devoteam, we see multiculturalism as a strength and work hard to promote it. That’s why we train our recruiters to hire without discrimination.