Knowledge and training are part of Devoteam's DNA!

Devoteam offers its recruits an ambitious training programme of technical and soft skills to which we devote over 2.8% of our annual payroll.

Training and development is a logical response to ensure our experts meet the needs and expectations of business.

I am a #DigitalTransformaker and I'm continually learning

At Devoteam, we created a training hub focused on three axes:

  • a training plan of public, scheduled courses;
  • Devoteam University’s practical courses developed over the years by our own experts;
  • Devoteam’s Knowledge Communities which allow #DigitalTransformakers to create a network of experts, to share and build knowledge, to learn and develop skills.

We will always give our experts as much training as they need to develop their skills, and have developed flexible training plans to suit the needs of all.

Contact us if you have any question about training at Devoteam